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On January 23, 1963, Robert Frost died at the age of 88.  But recently, The Straddler stumbled upon information that suggests the American poet may be alive and well.  Perhaps more surprisingly, Frost also appears to be rather tech-savvy, as evidenced by his frequent usage of Twitter, a popular social networking device.  With the permission of Robert Frost and Jim McGrath (the poet's Twitter executor and close confidant), we are pleased to republish here a sampling of the poet's recent updates (known to Twitter aficionados as “tweets”).  The Straddler hopes that these remarks provide fresh insight into this major literary figure and his (to all appearances, still-growing) body of work.

Gin + New Episode Of The Mentalist = A Sunday Night That's Hard To Beat.
4:05 PM Jan 18 2009

"Have some pancakes with your syrup!" -I just said that to Elinor. America's greatest comedian? Sometimes.
7:39 AM Jan 19 2009

Listening to Elinor work out to one of her exercise tapes. Nothing rhymes with "exercise." Believe me, I've tried.
10:55 AM Jan 19 2009

Well, "jazzercise" works. But not really, if the last 25 minutes of rewrites are any indication.
11:21 AM Jan 19 2009

"Jar of Flies"? That might be too obscure of a reference-not everyone listens to Alice In Chains as much as I do.
11:23 AM Jan 19 2009

Still waiting for my invitation to the inauguration. Barack Obama, you are no JFK
8:06 AM Jan 20 2009

JFK had TASTE. You have WILL.i.AM.
8:06 AM Jan 20 2009

I'm sure Elizabeth Alexander is a wonderful person. But is her work taught in thousands of classrooms across America? Didn't think so.
8:12 AM Jan 20 2009

If Robert Frost and Elizabeth Alexander were on a bus, who do you think more people would recognize?
8:17 AM Jan 20 2009

ANSWER: It's a trick question: Robert Frost would not be caught dead on mass transit.
8:18 AM Jan 20 2009

Maybe you can help me out here: I'm looking for the Library of America edition of Elizabeth Alexander's poems...What? SHE DOESN'T HAVE ONE?!
8:20 AM Jan 20 2009

Just finished watching last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory on DVR. Still refusing to watch How I Met Your Mother.
8:22 PM Jan 20 2009

Off for a walk. Wearing my new gray scarf: Elinor said the last one made me look ridiculous. I'm never shopping at the Gap again.
9:07 AM Jan 21 2009

I believe her exact quote was "Why is Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat trying to strangle you?" She has her moments.
9:07 AM Jan 21 2009

You probably think that the supermarket's Raisin Bran knock-off tastes worse than the expensive stuff. My taste buds say you're wrong.
6:06 AM Jan 22 2009

I've noticed that Elinor changed our usual dinner time ever since I started beating her at Jeopardy.
3:34 PM Jan 22 2009

This decaf coffee tastes an awful lot like regular coffee. Maybe I'm just wired because I'm watching CSI.
5:37 PM Jan 22 2009

Trying to read an entire issue of The New Yorker, failing to do so. This magazine is good at only one thing: putting Robert Frost to sleep.
9:53 AM Jan 24 2009

Andy Rooney is the poor man's Robert Frost.
4:35 PM Jan 25 2009

We're hitting the gin early today. No, I did not mean to type "gym" back there.
12:11 PM Jan 26 2009

The gin is hitting back.
2:44 PM Jan 26 2009

Elinor doesn't believe in the scientific merits of the "hair of the dog" theory. Robert Frost says to hell with science!
9:36 AM Jan 27 2009

I just realized that the Super Bowl is this weekend and I have yet to be invited to any parties. Good neighbors my ass.
7:25 AM Jan 30 2009

America's Greatest Living Poet + The Super Bowl + Nachos = A Good Time. Not according to my so-called friends
9:32 AM Jan 30 2009

Who wouldn't want to hear Robert Frost's take on this year's crop of Budweiser commercials? Lots of people, that's who.
9:36 AM Jan 30 2009

I mean, it's not like any of my friends recently purchased a 52-inch flatscreen and Verizon Fios...Oh wait, didn't Ezra just do that?
9:39 AM Jan 30 2009

It's not like Ezra Pound owes Robert Frost anything. Besides, you know, his freedom. Which he uses to not invite me to Super Bowl parties.
9:42 AM Jan 30 2009

Ezra told me to check my e-mail. Turns out there's been an eVite in my "Spam" folder for weeks. Whoops.
9:07 AM Jan 31 2009

I hate eVites. There's too much pressure to come up with something clever in your response.
11:09 AM Jan 31 2009

Spent the day writing a poem about Sully the pilot. Working Title: An Irish Airman Foresees His Plane Landing In The Hudson River.
3:12 PM Jan 31 2009

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday I am skipping church to eat chili dip for breakfast. Elinor is not amused. The children, however, are jealous.
7:45 AM Feb 1 2009

Elinor bought frozen orange juice mix. She's crazy if she thinks I'm drinking that garbage.
8:09 AM Feb 3 2009

Apparently I've been drinking this stuff for the last month without even realizing it. I feel sick. And hurt.
8:22 AM Feb 3 2009

"OJ-Gate" continues to unravel the Frost household.
10:33 AM Feb 3 2009

The children are split on the frozen, canned juice mix debate. Looks like it's time to revise the will.
11:53 AM Feb 3 2009

Elinor just walked in the door with two bags of oranges. Trouble is on the horizon.
12:51 PM Feb 3 2009

The kitchen garbage pail is overflowing with rinds. I need to learn to keep my big American poet mouth shut.
7:14 PM Feb 3 2009


Robert Frost is American Poetry.  Follow his Twitter updates at www.twitter.com/Robert_Frost. Jim McGrath can be reached at jimroks1@gmail.com.



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